About Us

At Green Leaf we believe everyone should be able to grow their own plants, no matter what time of the year. Locally and internationally people need to have access to their own medicine, food and a healthy lifestyle while saving a fortune.

For this reason we've decided to create a platform where customers can find the latest grow light technology at the most affordable prices. That's why we supply energy efficient, top range, user friendly products to improve the quality and yield of the food or medicine you are growing. 




As two local guys with heaps of practical experience with plants and the horticulture industry, our mission is simple: to provide high quality, energy efficient grow light solutions, delivered straight to your door.

For now, these lights will bring you joy and happiness as you grow your own food and meds. We look forward to your support as well as the growth of the Cannabis and Horticulture industries in South Africa. Let's educate each other and live for a sustainable future!