Why LED grow lights?

Our energy saving and eco friendly grow lights are the smarter choice. They use 90% of their electrical energy to produce useable light energy. Compare this to HIDs, which only use 25% of their energy for light, with the other 75% going to heat. Our powerful LED grow lights reduce the need for cooling equipment and create huge savings in electricity.

The cost savings of more efficient LEDs is further enhanced by being able to run your indoor garden at a higher temperature thanks to not having excessive infrared light coming from the light. This reduces the leaf surface temperature when compared to a garden running at the same temperature with HID lighting. Being able to keep your garden at a higher temperature with eco friendly led lights leads to huge savings on cooling bills.

COB LED Grow Light 100W 

But more importantly, by switching from HID to LED, you save the environment from being exposed to toxic mercury. Every single Metal Halide (MH), High Pressure Sodium (HPS), and fluorescent light bulb that is replaced contributes mercury to our landfills and in many places, to our groundwater.

We are proud to bring you the Samsung Quantum Board LED grow light in 240W, 320W, 480W and 600W. Samsungs newest LED chip technology, IM301B and IM561C is the latest arrival on the grow scene, bringing you savings in money and energy usage. These lights produces 19% more light than a single ended 1000W HPS light, with 38% less power usage. With these lights you will surely gain higher yields and save loads on electrical and cooling costs.

Please enquire about custom made orders, available power supply and different colour spectrums.