An LED board which has a full-color spectrum. Our Quantum Board LED grow light enhances photosynthesis with the usage of more green and yellow light. Also, this LED grow light with white light technology is designed for the rapid growth of plants at different stages. Furthermore, the Samsung Quantum Board LED carries amazing and unique features. So, read on and let’s see what these boards available in 240W, 320W, 480W and 600W has to offer: 

Features at a glance of the Quantum Board LED:

  • White light HLG quantum board
  • 240 Watt - 600 Watt power draw
  • Fast and rapid growth
  • Efficiency of 161 Lm/W
  • Dimmable power supply (max 600w – min 240w)
  • Full spectrum
  • Great for veg and bloom
  • 3 years warranty
  • All specifications and features

The Quantum board in any Wattage is your next go-to light for growing cannabis and other plants at all stages. Having 4 custom designed quantum boards by Samsung Company, this LED grow light is surely one that you can rely on.

Green Leaf has custom designed quantum boards. Having LED chips LM561C and IM306B from Samsung, they use white light technology to focus on the plants. Furthermore, it is assembled in South Africa. In addition, this Quantum board LED light enhances the photosynthesis process required for the germination and flowering stages. All in all, they give great canopy light penetration.

The biggest pro of the quantum board is the diffusion of the light. You can cover an average area of 4.5 x 4.5 feet for flowering and 6 x 6 feet for the vegetative phase. This is a huge area. It fits perfectly with various sizes of grow tents or other grow rooms where you need a diffused light.

The Quantum board LED grow light comes with a full spectrum light. This spectrum is at 3000k, and especially focuses on the yellow and green light (invisible to the eye). As a result, this makes it responsible for the healthy growth of veg and flowers.

It comes with 240W-600W power draw and the 480W and 600W replaces a 1000w Single Ended HID. You can dim the light with the included dimmer to a minimum of 240w.

The Quantum board LED offers a perfectly diffused full spectrum light for a large area. It is probably one of the best lights on the market when it comes to light spectrum and coverage. Therefore, I must say that this is an amazing light. My plants love it!

The Quantum board is great in keeping itself cool. This quantum board is quite large and therefore it is easier for the light to keep itself cool. These lights are are great in heat dissipation and working cool, so no fans are needed. Its design is such high quality that it is perfect at keeping low temperatures.

So the Quantum board does a perfect job in lighting all your plants and canopies while providing a good diffused light. It isn't not super bright in the middle and weak at the outsides, therefore spreading power evenly over an area.

Who is the Quantum Board LED for? 

Based reviews, this is for the indoor growers who are looking for the perfect yield. It is an ideal choice for those who want to switch from HPS or MH bulbs to LED. 

The Quantum board is a highly effective choice for those who want quality and safety. The dimmable feature lets you choose the right wattage. Also, for those looking for a white light technology, this is the best option.

Contact us today to find out more about the Quantum Board LED's and how we can customise your light to your needs.

 Quantum Board Grow lights 250W x 2